The Green Juice Gospel

December 1, 2009

So, interesting thing happened today. I was in a hurry on my way to my evening class, and I brought a green smoothie with me. If there is one thing I LOVE, it’s a spinach and wheat grass smoothie. Before I started teaching myself to like better foods, it used to be one of the only way to get veggies into me. Depending on how hungry I am, I usually try to make a (hefty) smoothie for a meal every day. Today, it was dinner.

I had never brought a green smoothie into class before. I never really thought about it. But man, did I get a reaction.  I got so many people asking me “What IS that? What does it taste like? How do you make it?” Lots of them reacted with disgust, but a few seemed interested.  Before long, I was preaching the gospel of the “Green Monster” to the whole classroom! I love my smoothies with banana and mango, and when I explained the sweetness of the fruit and soymilk counteracts the spinach, some were intrigued and wanted to try it.

It seemed that I made an impact without even trying. Just by bringing in something different, I showed a few people that eating healthy didn’t have to be bland and disgusting, and that was so exciting. Even those who seemed grossed out may think twice before chugging that Dr. Pepper out of the vending machine. Maybe they’ll get a water instead!